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Learn a language with Spotify

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10:00 AM | 2 September 2016
by Finn O'Neill
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This idea by two students from Berghs School of Communication won them a Future Lion this year.

This spot by Sebastian Brännén and Maria Lashari proposes a feature within Spotify which allows people to use it in order to learn new languages by matching new vocabulary with songs which contain that vocabulary.

Using the insight that learning vocabulary in a new language is often hampered by a lack of context, Music Speak proposes using songs to contextualise words and increase our ability to learn new languages.

Building on the partnership between Spotify and Musixmatch, the world’s largest lyrics catalogue, this innovation envisages Spotify creating playlists tailored to one’s language learning desires. By using word scanning technology, a user could upload a list of vocabulary to Spotify and, using it’s lyric database, Spotify would create a playlist which includes the desired vocabulary.

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