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Where to find ideas

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11:15 AM | 19 October 2016
by Ricky Richards
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Ricky Richards talks about coming up with ideas in this age of distraction and gives you the clues to finding those unique ideas.

Ideas are everywhere, but most people agree that ‘great ideas’ are fairly elusive. They jump out at us at random moments, while walking, showering or in the midst of a dream. Often waking us from our slumbers and tasking us with casting a written net, before they disappear into the realm of long forgotten concepts.

This is just one of many challenges ideas face to get out in the world, they’re the warriors of the mind. Constantly battling self-doubt, the fear of humiliation, the lack of funds or the missing piece of the puzzle. There’s no doubt that great ideas exist, but catching them and letting them free, is harder than we think.

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