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Top tips from creative industry masters

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9:31 AM | 26 November 2016
by Arthur Gueidan
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We've collected some of wisest words from creative industry professionals. We asked them one question, 'What is the one thing young people should know before getting a job in the creative industries?'.  Whether you want to be a creative, planner/strategist, account manager - we've got it covered.

Vicki Maguire, Creative Director, Grey London

"Energy and ideas beat a degree."

"No one gives a shit about your degree. Energy and ideas trump a First every time."

Dave Buonaguidi, Founder, Karmarama & St. Lukes

"Don’t waste the opportunity."

"The only thing you should know is that as a creative you are fortunate that you can make a very nice living from something you love. Don’t waste the opportunity. Take is, stuff your fucking face and have as much fun as you can."

Flo Heiss, Creative Partner, Dare

"You job shouldn’t feel like a job."

"You should not really see it as a job… you are either creative or not."

Dave Trott, Advertising Legend

"Understand empathy's importance."

"Empathy is the biggest thing missing from most creative Portfolios. In particularly juniors’. Creatives that understand that people are not consumers or an audience, but real people (and take the time to understand them and really put themselves in their shoes) really stand out. A creative can come from anywhere if they really understand this."

Agathe Guerrier, Head of Strategy, BBH London

"Strategy is not just about finding a difference."

"When thinking about agency roles, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that Creatives are in charge of imagination, and planners in charge of rational thinking. But the best strategists apply creativity to their craft. They open up, they transform - strategy is not just about finding differences and making the leap."

Jon Steel, Group Planning Director, WPP

"Useful over Intelligence."

"I’ve met a lot of planners who think it’s their job to be the most intelligent person in the room. Well, I'd take useful over intelligence any day."

Gemma McCartney, Global Head of talent & marketing, M&C Saatchi PR

"Ideas are all around you, do not miss them."

"Be a voracious consumer of information. Read and watch everything in sight and look for the interesting, unique or new in the world. Great ideas come from unusual places."

Steve Henry, Co-Founder, Decoded

"Never take no for an answer."

"Fight for your ideas. By Which I mean, don’t get aggressive - that doesn’t usually work, But be obstinate. The world is full of ideas-killers and you should never take ‘no’ for an answer to your ideas if your instincts tell you that the idea is great."

Tim Lindsey, CEO, D&AD

"Don’t allow others to change your idea."

"Getting an idea from conception to execution is a bruising process. At times it’ll feel like everyone - planner, an account person, researcher, client, producer, director - is trying to expropriate and dilute your idea. Be strong. The difference between mediocre and great is not what gets made; it's what gets made as it was originally intended."

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