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Tips for starting your own T-Shirt business

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10:15 AM | 18 November 2016
by Sam Baggarley
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If you’ve ever thought about starting up a T-Shirt business or are currently in the process of making one, these essential tips will help you out along the way. I made these mistakes so that you don't have to!

The key thing you need to remember when starting your company is that it has to be original, unlike anything anybody has seen before, this is the perfect opportunity to let your creativity take the reigns, and in a number of ways:

Think outside of the box

When thinking of your brand’s name, or even logo, jot down any ideas that spring into your mind, a key thing to remember is that your brand name and logo will become more successful if it is easily memorable and unique, for example, think of a brand that uses a tick as their logo?

When you feel that you have an array of brand names that you like, make a shortlist of about 4 names, and let the next step tell you what you can do with them...

The Customers will shape your future

A crucial part in this step is finding out a) the age group you are appealing to, b) what the customer likes and c) the hot topics that are in the now. Now although this sounds like you need to assemble a team of 50 and go door to door so that you can get the results you need, the best advice is to make the internet your friend, what I mean by this is that the use of survey sites which can be shared directly onto social media pages will get you results. Quick. Within three hours of creating my survey and sharing it, I knew exactly what colour clothing my audience would wear, as well as the preferred size of logo, and they even helped me decide what I should call my T-Shirt business! Give it a go, you will be more than satisfied with the results.

Sketch away the HB pencil

Once your brand name has been decided and you are happy with it, start sketching out a logo for your chosen brand name. If nothing springs to mind, and you feel like the only ideas you come up with have already been taken, ask yourself: Do I want my logo to have any relevance to my brand name? This in short terms means that your logo would directly corresponds to your name. For example, if my brand was called Foot-Face, and my logo was a footprint in the shape of a face, that would have more relevance than if my logo was a pink watermelon.

Don't settle for one option

Producing a range of logos is extremely helpful for the future of your company, and I will explain why now. Let's say you had 4 or 5 ideas in your sacred sketchbook, and you have chosen one to use as your main logo, but feel uneasy about not using the other ones, there is no need to worry! You may not know it yet, but you have given yourself ammunition for the future. If you're getting bored of using the same logo, there are no rules stating that you can't switch your style up! Produce an array of T-Shirts with your different logos on display, and see which is a best seller. Mix it up, because you can! Another awesome reason for doing this is that you will reach out to more customers, as well as drawing older customers back in, because everyone loves it when a shop gets new stock in, as well as everyone having a different fashion sense, it's a win-win!

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