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The personal and professional portfolio

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11:45 AM | 3 November 2015
by Samroj Lama
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Personalisation and professionalism can be a combination of design harmony. The question is; has Luke Sutton found it with his portfolio?

Luke Sutton is currently the lead graphic designer at Purple Cow in Maidstone, UK and has developed a different style of portfolio using personal information and a professional format to reel in his audience.


The CV/Portfolio is a high quality, printed booklet, which has been well designed, with careful consideration of layout and the use of few colours, giving it a firm identity.


From the very start of the booklet, the reader is targeted with bold writing stating “This is for you:” followed by the name and address. The booklet then consists of several areas with personal information in large writing such as, ‘I am very wary of my prematurely receding hairline.’

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