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11:00 AM | 17 July 2015
by Kelly Jolliff
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A team of creatives from Italy came up with the concept of merging together, one of the largest car-on-demand services, Uber and first aid to help bring fast care to those in emergencies.

The idea tackles the problem that in cities, the average wait time for emergency services to arrive is more than seven minutes. The team’s Uber service would reduce that to only three minutes, due to the nearest car being on route to the emergency, to perform potentially life saving treatment whilst they wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Acting fast in situations like these is critical and so to use a service which is already in service and has the power to be there in an instance would severely help us all.

The work created by Andrea Raia (Art), Andrea Zanino (Copy), Pierpaolo Bivio (Art), Francesco Sguinzi (Art) was a Cannes Future Lions 2015 winner.

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