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IBM: Project Accel

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23:39 PM | 15 July 2013
by Adam Oldfield
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Picking up a Future Lions award this year, students from Creative Circus were challenged to think up an initiative to help overpopulation.

Their idea was to eliminate traffic jams in overpopulated cities around the world. Currently there is 1 billion cars on our streets, with 2 billion predicted in only seven years time. 

Matching up with IBM's computing prowess, an app would automatically suggest routes for drivers to take and escape congestion. You also learn how much energy you save and can share trips with Facebook friends that live locally.

Copywriter: Devin McGillivary
Art Director/Motion: Jarrett Jamison
Art Director: Verenice Lopez
Motion: Bradley Daniely
School: The Creative Circus

Future Lions 2013 - Winner

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