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Expect the Unexpected – National Trust's extreme makeover

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16:45 PM | 12 June 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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You may remember this "leaked National Trust advert" that appeared on the internet recently. Given it's an incredibly entertaining way to spend one and a half minutes, it quickly picked up steam on Twitter and other social media. This was further perpetuated by articles from the likes of The Telegraph, BBC, Daily Star, The Drum and Liveleak.

As many had predicted, it was in fact a response to a D&AD student brief. That's right, a couple of students, from the University of Gloucestershire, created a video that cost them nothing and not only did it go super viral, it also won a D&AD pencil. Plus, National Trust even tweeted to say that while it wasn't their work, thumbs up to the creators.

If this isn't proof that you can do great things no matter your budget or your experience then I don't know what is. 

The unexpected tone of voice is what makes this video so good. There are similar style videos around on the internet but no one's ever thought to talk about nature in that way... and certainly not with a traditional heritage brand.


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