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The Holler Intern Lucky Dip

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14:45 PM | 19 November 2014
by Tom Carter
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Okay, so were not quite au fait with all the ad jargon and acronyms but we most certainly make up for it with eagerness, attitude and a sense of novelty. After landing a three week placement at digital agency Holler, George (my creative partner) and I decided that we couldn't just head in empty handed, that'd be rude!

"Our first thought was 'lets make a cake!' then we realised that’s the most thoughtless, un-creative thing we could do."

Our first thought was "lets make a cake!' then we realised that’s the most thoughtless, un-creative thing we could do and besides we’d fuck it up or eat it before we got there. We asked ourselves how we could spread noise around the office that Holler has new interns, and not boring average ones at that. We took a long, hard look at ourselves and decided, we like to party. Thus the Holler Intern Lucky Dip was born.

We gathered curiosities that said something about our eclectic personalities, some weird, some wonderful. From used paint caps to a can of imported Malaysian-probably-illegal energy drink, a painting of a partridge, Nag Champa incense, the ultimate frisbee, a penknife and a whole bunch of other stuff. 

We wrapped it all up with strict instructions to photograph your item(s) and tweet using #HollerInterns to nominate another person from the agency to pick next.

The result? Our names and project were spread around the agency and over Twitter. We met a bunch of new people, had good ol’ chats about stuff that isn’t advertising, gave our new friends some firsts (surprisingly no one had tried the Malaysian rocket fuel drink) and we got to make something with our hands and make people laugh (whether it was because they got a good gift or a shit one). 

One last thing I would like to stress is that going on placement is really fun, agencies are really fun places full of really fun people. Don't get too hung up on being ultra professional. If you're a bit of a nerdy goofball like me then be a nerdy goofball. Speak to your new found compadres like you would, well, a compadre, find something interesting to talk about – not just advertising. They'll appreciate it.

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