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The Ceefax CV - how to be creative with you CV

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12:41 PM | 26 September 2011
by Adam Oldfield
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If you grew up using Ceefax to check sport results, local cinema times and the TV listings (plus all those times having to change channel to get good enough reception) you'll appreciate and feel nostalgic about this wonderfully created CV to resemble Ceefax.

It's a splendid execution from Zef Narkiewicz a Falmouth based Graphic Designer and just shows how important it is to be bold to capture people's attention. It will hopefully inspire you to do something equally unique with your own CV.

To go with his Ceefax CV, he has an impressive portfolio website. Presenting your work in a passionate way like this will help you stand out from the crowd and you'll have no problem getting work experience, an internship or a full time job anywhere in digital. 

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