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Standing out and being remembered on placement

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22:45 PM | 15 August 2014
by Tom Carter
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Think different. Yup, stolen from Apple (TBWA\Chiat\Day) but I couldn’t think of a more relevant quote that summarises the stuff I’m about to talk to you about. In fact, it is probably the most relevant quote to work by as a creative person but that's another story all together.

"What if they don’t remember me?"

Anyway, after landing my first ever placement with my partner at music based agency Frukt I celebrated with a beer and began, as most critical thinkers do, imagining every potentially shit scenario that could occur over the two week period. Some pretty ridiculous things popped into my head (we won’t go there). 

Eventually I boiled my negative thinking down to: What if they don’t remember me? What if a summary of my time spent there accumulates to a mere "meh" from the people I worked with? What if I’m just "the intern"? What if I attempted to fist bump a million pound client while proceeding to snort laugh resulting in spitting boiling hot coffee over the creative director and they still don't remember me?! (We went there.)

So I set myself a little task to ensure we would stand out* above the noise. I wanted to break the ice and show the people at Frukt that we weren’t your ordinary ad students, because well, we’re not. (And you shouldn’t be either!)

"It showed we really wanted to be there"

Frukt are fuelled by music, both George and I too. We remembered the feelings of excitement and curiosity of receiving a nondescript mix cd-r with handwritten track listings and dodgy album artwork. We figured our soon-to-be colleagues would know that feeling too and that it’d be a good way to introduce ourselves. So that is exactly what we did. A bespoke mix cd, featuring a 30 minute set by George and a handful of curated tracks by myself.

"At every future placement, we want to find a way to get people talking about us"

It went down well, I’m not sure if all 50 copies were listened to but hey, that doesn’t matter, it was fun to make and it showed we really wanted to be there. At every future placement, we want to find a way to get people talking about us and show them that we’re not just "the interns".

*In retrospect my creative partner is called George Michael, he’s half cypriot with a handlebar moustache, I wear glasses have huge holes in my ears and an extremely bouncy walk.

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