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Naked for Naked

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11:45 AM | 16 April 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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Last year, Isabella Gimenez landed her dream role at Naked Brasil. At a time when they weren't hiring, Isa not only managed to get a job but was also able to create her own position. How did she do it? By taking her clothes off, of course. 

 "It was a very risky idea, could be great or a total disaster."

Knowing she wanted to work at Naked Brasil, Isa quit a job in order to take a one week position managing a Tumblr for the agency. "I quit the job I had in the São Paulo agency I was working in that was paying my bills and accepted this one week at Naked with no money or hiring guarantees."

Before the week was up, Isa wanted a full time job at Naked Brasil more than ever. So posing in the nude, she asked people to do the same with the message "Eu fico pelado pra Isa ser Naked" meaning "I get Naked so Isa can be Naked". Three hours later, Isa was offered the job she so badly wanted and is now Content copywriter, Corporative Communications and Public Relations for Naked Brasil.  

"I had a good story and I told it."

In three days, over 42,000 people had seen the Tumblr site used to host all the snaps. It had been shared 2,000 times on Facebook and featured by major newspapers and TV channels. 

People from all over Brazil and others in the US, Australia, India and Mexico got involved by taking their kit off. And they didn't go unrewarded. "My first job at the agency was to thank everyone that helped me. Then we decided to help one of our clients too. We used all the buzz that I created, to promote a clothing apparel called Hering with a new Tumblr. Translated to English it's called 'I support Isa since always' making an association with me and their slogan that is 'I wear Hering since always'." 
We caught up with Isa to ask her a little more about her story.

What's so good about Naked Brasil? Why did you want to stay there?

It was love at first sight! The atmosphere was amazing, comfy and welcoming. It's an agency that is elegant and simple at the same time, where you can bring pets, work on the sofa if you feel like it and have fun. 

Plus the way the agency creates solutions, all kinds, to help their clients wherever the problem is. Naked is proud to say that they get involved in the client's business. They see through advertising problems and create things beyond that too.

What made you do something creative rather than just ask for a job?

I think it’s important to understand your target. It’s like reading a person. You know what would suit them better and if you really want to create a good impression you have to go further.

"Show your interest in a creative way but don’t forget it's all about the target."

Talking about Naked specifically, they are a very open-minded agency with really bold work. I knew I could be on their team, I just had to come up with something that would show them that. Just saying how smart or efficient you are, sometimes is not enough in such a competitive industry.

How did you come up with the idea?

The concept is based on the name of the agency. But after a strong concept, my job was to create engagement. Without people helping I’d just be a naked girl trying to get a job. I had a good story and I told it.

Did you expect it to do so well and did you expect to get the job?

When I came up with the idea I just focused on doing it, on making it happen. I started thinking about the repercussions a few hours after I started the Tumblr. At this moment I called my family to warn them.

"Everyday you have the opportunity to create something unique."

After the buzz I thought that I had a chance to get the job, but before that it was difficult to predict. It was a very risky idea, could be great or a total disaster. The execution was the key.

Have you got any advice for students and young people trying to land a job in advertising?

If you are working already, it doesn’t matter the company or the job, just try to be the best you can be. You don’t need a big client to stand out, just work and dedication. Everyday you have the opportunity to create something unique, think fresh and trust your instinct.

If you are looking for a job, I believe it's better to choose some target companies and create different approaches for them. This way you can show your skills and how you fit their style. If you know what everybody is doing to get a certain position, do it, but do something else too. Show your interest in a creative way but don’t forget it's all about the target. Customise.

Photograph taken by JP Camargo.

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