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Cannes Mad Men Party

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14:45 PM | 29 January 2015
by Eszter Kazinczy
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Being an advertising-creative graduate is not the easiest. Sometimes you have to turn into a personal assistant or an event organiser to land an opportunity.

And because the job will entail selling stuff to people, it’s better to come up with a kick-ass idea to self-promote yourself to your future boss. If you can’t promote yourself, how would you promote products for clients? 

Last year was my third time I got a chance to take part in the Cannes Lions Festival during my four year career so far in the beautiful advertising industry.

Every year you see brilliant vs less brilliant ideas about junior creatives pitching their talent to celebrity creative directors. Cannes is a perfect place for that. But not easy, as the competition is tough, but if you come up with a truly awesome self-promo idea, you win.

Why? Because everybody who counts is there. Last year I came up with a bold idea to secure some interviews and to promote my portfolio while in Cannes.

As the Cannes Lions is all about partying and networking, I organised a party only for creative directors at my friend’s club on the Croisette. 

Watch the video above to see how it went down.

Learn more about the talents of Eszter Kazinczy by checking out her portfolio.

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