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Scattered narratives

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13:00 PM | 6 April 2017
by Jeremy Garner
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With attention spans getting ever shorter, Jeremy Garner, Creative Director at OgilvyOne, asks how advertisers can keep you tuning in.

Jeremy Garner, Creative Director, OgilvyOne

Considering I’m meant to have an average attention span of eight seconds (according to much-discussed research commissioned by Microsoft), the recent 43-page Adobe mobile technology report ‘Touching the infinite’ made for interesting reading.

Not least the point that the average user checks their smartphone 85 times a day.
‘Is that all?’ was my initial reaction.

Just think of your journey to work today. If you commute, how many of your fellow passengers had their faces glued to their phones? And, of those who didn’t and were reading, talking, thinking or looking out of the window, how many habitually checked their mobile devices every few minutes?

If not all, then most, right?

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