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Pocket Change

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11:44 AM | 16 September 2016
by Arthur Gueidan
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When travelling abroad, a load of coins you end up with can become a problem, almost becoming useless. Ever had this problem? Students from Miami Ad School (Bruno Calçada, Locki Choi and Benjamin Degrave) have come up with this convenient way to save your loose change at the end of the day.

Their concept is to stop wasting the money that you don’t need to use, simply by connecting your account to the pocket change box, contributing to your next stop at an airBnB.

Not only will this idea save you money, it will also lower the daily rate for other AirBnB customers. This is a “win win” solution to the useless change problem and with this solution you will never have to waste your money letting it end up in the bottom of your pockets, down the sofa or thrown in a wishing well.

"Instead of throwing their change away and wishing to return to a city, they can ensure it by pocket change"

Art Direction - Bruno Calçada
Copywriting - Locki Choi
Bruno Calçada - @brunocalcada
Locki Choi - @lockichoi
Benjamin Degrave - @benjamindgv

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