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The jkr Juice competition is open for entries

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14:30 PM | 25 February 2015
by Adam Oldfield
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Want your writing featured?

Design agency jones knowles ritchie have opened their latest design competition to discover the best up and coming design minds.

Behind many notable brand re-inventions such as Boddingtons, Penguin and Stella Artois. jones knowles ritchie are offering up the incredible opportunity to win a work placement to those that can submit the best idea to a brief.

Your challenge is to build a new brand around buffalos milk as more dairy farmers turn away from traditional cows milk to diversify and create less waste.

If the chance to see through the doors of one of the most prestigious design agencies around isn’t enough you can win some cash for coming in first place.

Intrigued? You can find the full brief below and the deadline is Friday 20th March at midnight.



Milk is an inexpensive, everyday commodity that has been gracing our doorsteps for centuries. Over the years it has been used for everything from cups of tea to shampoo, Cleopatra even used to bathe in it! However, this soon could change as dairy farmers are being undercut by supermarkets which means production is becoming less financially viable.


To combat this, a group of dairy farmers have decided to diversify and start producing buffalo milk, which although is 3x the price of ordinary milk, it has extra health benefits and tastes even creamier, therefore lending itself to being more than just a drink.


Consider the possibilities of buffalo milk and create a brand for this new product. Think about who will buy it, what it could be used for, how and where it will be sold, and why should consumers pay a higher price.


All entries should be submitted here, by midnight on 20th March 2015.

Make sure to check the full terms and conditions before beginning.

Good luck!

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