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Win an internship with under 140 characters

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12:47 PM | 20 September 2011
by Adam Oldfield
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Want your writing featured?

THEY a creative agency from Amsterdam are looking for intern for 6 months. To win the placement you just have to come up with the best submission for one of three briefs and they are:

~ Brief one: How to motivate #lateadopter 55+ to start using smartphones?

~ Brief two: How to persuade price-consiious hotel owners to replace their linen with #fairtrade cotton?

~ Brief three: How to get young university students interested in a pension plan?

As they say anything over 140 characters = bullshit. Put your thinking caps and submit your answer to any one of the three briefs before 4pm this Friday. Submit here. If you win you'll also get to stay at this lovely house on the river during your internship.

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