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Join the FutureRising team

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15:58 PM | 24 November 2012

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Want your writing featured?

We are looking for some talent to join FutureRising. 

Not just any heads, we want you to believe in what we do and we're looking for people who wish to do things differently, who want to make create a stir and are going to make an impact.

If you want to be boosted towards stardom with a great career experience and an awesome network then we would love to hear from you.

Take a look at the roles below and pass this on to every man, woman or beast you know. If the following aren't up your alley and you want to create your own role, let us know and we'll probably love you even more.


Copy Wizard

Got a wicked way with words? If you write good and think smart then we'd love you to come write for us.

Write a lonely hearts ad about yourself to see if we could fall in love with you...

Party Animal

Are you  schmoozer who loves to organise and meet new people? Manage our events.

Tell us about an event you've organised and how you made it a success...

Social Whore

Do you tweet before you eat, check in once you hit the club or Facebook before you… basically do you love sharing stuff online? Be our head of social.

Tell us in no more than 140 characters why you'd make the biggest social whore...

Got skills

Have you got a skill we haven't? Perhaps you can lick your elbows or write with both hands. Who ever you are and whatever you have to offer we want you to get involved.

Tell us what your good at...

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