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Why I decided to do a Masters

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12:15 PM | 15 October 2014
by Lars Bjornbakk
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When I saw the end of my academic life fast approaching, I had a choice to make; should I move out of the library and into an office, or should I clinch to the university doors for yet another year in order to earn my masters degree?

My adventure as an advertising student started three years ago back in Norway. I did two years Advertising and Brand Communication at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies, and a top-up year of Advertising at Southampton Solent University, the place I am currently doing my masters in Project Management at.

Throughout my studies I have had the opportunity to develop skills in everything from art direction and copywriting to account management and planning. Quite early on in this process I found that account management and project management were the areas of the industry that I want to pursue a career in.

It wasn't too difficult a decision to continue studying instead of finding work. I am very sure of what I want to be doing and I was motivated to learn more. I felt certain that the Masters I was applying for would provide me with skills that will benefit me and my employer.

MSc Project Management at Solent offers two different approaches to how you manage a project and you get professionally certified in both. Solent is the only university in UK that does this, as far as I know. This was a important part of why I chose to apply to Solent. Plus I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the course leaders and discuss how the course might apply to my career ambitions.

I believe doing a masters will be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field I want to work in. At the same time I have the possibility to expand my network of people in the industry. I'll be moulding my education to fit with what the industry is looking for - thus increasing my chances of having a job waiting for me when I hand in my dissertation in September.

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