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What motivates you?

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23:00 PM | 9 September 2015
by Adam Oldfield
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Gemma Germains, founder of WellMAdeStudio talks about the importance of finding what it is that motivates you as there are no patterns, no formula, no control over our survival and success.

What motivates you, by Gemma Germains

This may be the last thing you need to hear right now, but someone has to say it. We, the people who hire, can’t distinguish one of you from the other. You’re just a cluster of incredibly talented young people. It hurts to hear it and it hurts to say it.

Before I go on, let me clear a few things up. Your education is world class. A bit pricey perhaps, but internationally renowned none the less. There have never been more opportunities for your continuous, lifelong learning. Nor has there been more knowledge for you to consume as you develop a talent that contributes £7.4 billion pounds a year to the UK’s economy. You’re about to step onto the bottom rung of the top most ladder. This faceless-ness you’re afflicted with is neither the fault of your education, nor the UK’s spluttering economy. We set the trends and then we buck them.

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