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Walking into an agency unannounced

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16:00 PM | 13 June 2014
by stephanie bradshaw
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After standing outside a London advertising agency for ten minutes, I finally plucked up the courage to just walk in. Prior to this brave move, I thought of every excuse in the book to not to.

I checked my Twitter, I don't know why, I thought it would give me motivation to go in. FutureRising's daily tip "you have something that agencies want, talent" was staring at me, burning into my brain. Why did I follow them on Twitter, I thought. There's no hiding from the motivation. I remembered Jim Compton-Hall's lecture (at Bournemouth University) about how agencies don't mind you walking in, so I just did it.

As I entered I instantly regretted it, a blonde woman was just staring at me, questioning my presence. I didn't have an appointment, I didn't fit into the schedule she had beautifully typed up. I was kind of ignorant to her frowning, as I explained why I was there and who I wanted to see I could tell she didn't quite get it.

I heard her leave her desk and loudly repeat back what I had just said to one of the staff members. I was embarrassed at her lack of smoothness on my behalf. He took it in his stride. He turned to me, pleased, taken back. He stood and shook my hand. I shook back with enthusiasm telling him it was nice to meet him. He questioned why I had come but everything I wanted to say rolled off my tongue, it felt natural.

We chatted for about ten minutes, when he left me with his personal email. He said don't worry about the system, here's my personal contact, email me your CV. I left with a beaming smile, the advice was bang on.

Written by Stephanie Bradshaw

Stephanie has just finished her second year studying advertising at Bournemouth University.

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