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The value of experience

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14:57 PM | 10 January 2012

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Become an FR Writer

Being an undergraduate with account management aspirations I cannot place too higher value on the internships I have been lucky enough to complete in my first 2 years of University at Lancaster. Its not so much the fact that it looks good on your CV, but more the fact that it gives you so much more to talk about during interviews and in tricky grad scheme applications.

My first internship was with clothing retailer, The Edinburgh Woollen Mill. At this stage I was unsure whether I wanted to work client or agency side of the marketing industry and whilst EWM gave me great insight into the real world of marketing, I quickly realized that working on one company with one ideology just wasn’t for me and that agency life was to be much preferred. 

My second summer of University took me to The Engine Group in London. This was a fantastic experience. Not only did it allow me to gain an insight into the way a top London agency works but it also allowed me to work on global brands from day one. My role was as a Social Media Analyst in the digital marketing agencyJAM. The job ranged from trend research, that although was somewhat tedious was also very necessary, to thinking up ‘Page 3’ puns. I was given a hands-on role within a department that works amongst the newest and fastest growing sectors of the industry.


For me, the communications industry is the most exciting in the world. Its fast-paced, exciting and constantly evolving. Each year we see the rise of new exciting advertising concepts and ideas, whether that be augmented reality or personalized banner ads. 

I honestly believe that if you want to work (and be successful) in any industry you have to live and breathe it, and that becomes a whole lot easier when it’s a passion of yours. Reading Campaign magazine and browsing London agencies twitter feeds and ad enthusiasts blog pages is all part of an exciting day for me, and for that reason I am sure that advertising is the right industry for me. 

Account Handling

In all honesty I first dreamt of being a copywriter, but upon realization that this was very hard to break into I decided account management was the best role for me.

The role itself is inspiring. Not only are you the life and face of the account, but you are involved in every aspect of the account from planning to creative work, right through to the final pitch. All these roles intertwined in one mean that an account handler must be creative, strategic and a charismatic, amicable person. They must love to create, to solve problems and love to sell and for me that’s a role that wont be beaten on excitement in any industry.

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