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The only advertising competition that tests your creative consistency

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12:00 PM | 1 October 2014
by Lars Bjornbakk
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To take on the 2012/13 season of Young Glory, Robert Glad and I teamed up under the name Glad & Bjørnbakk. We didn’t quite know what to expect but we were up for a challenge. 

We faced many obstacles (such as finding time and staying motivated) but passing each brief left us with better work, new knowledge and more hunger for success. A positive attitude and a desire to deliver great creative work led us to a third place that season. We failed and learned a lot, but we never gave up which is the key. 

Young Glory describe themselves as the world’s only advertising competition devoted to creative consistency. It lasts from September to April, with eight creative briefs being judged by eight big industry names. I believe this is one of the best competitions for you to enhance your creative abilities. It truly is a thorough workout for your creative muscles. 

The Young Glory briefs vary a lot. We worked on briefs from “Make a poster to improve the reputation of Islam” to “Find a way to get people to make more babies”. The brief I remember best is “Improve peoples attitude towards taxes”. I loved and hated that brief so much. We had to do a lot of heavy and dry research, but we really learned a lot about how to utilise the research in strategy and coming up with ideas from a human insight. 

The competition demands a lot of work if you are to succeed but if you put the effort in, you will learn a lot. If that’s not enough, this year’s prize for coming first overall will be flights, accommodation and an all­ access pass to the renowned commercial creativity conference C2 Montréal

The competition has just started and you can find the first brief here. Work hard and go for glory!

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