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Skittles get a little weird with new cloud advertising campaign

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10:35 AM | 24 March 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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Skittles keep up their quest for weirdness with their latest advert about a cloud that rains skittles. Seemingly the last six years of skittles adverts, and this ad is no different, have all been desperately trying to recreate the flash-in-the-pan excellence of Touch the Rainbow.

Freddy the cloud still isn’t in the same league as a guy who turns everything he touches into Skittles but it’s really enjoyable, The Vet and Groomer ads (below) are equally as good, we just wish real life offered the same sweety possibilities.

Whatever you think of Skittle’s recent advertising, you can’t deny that they’ve built themselves a position of weird, funny silliness and their ads really stand out against other sweet brands. And that's despite silliness being a fiercely contested position in the confectionery market (see adverts for M&Ms, Rowntree’s, Natural Confectionery Co., Wine Gums, etc).


Agency: DDB Chicago
Creative directors: Wayne Robinson, Matt Collier
Executive Creative Director: Mark Gross
Director: Chris Palmer
Production company: Gorgeous
Post-production: The Mill

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