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Pretty much the Super Bowl of advertising

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11:09 AM | 23 January 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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Not long left until Super Bowl XLVIII (Sunday 2nd February) and we couldn't be more excited. Not because we're American Football fans, because of the adverts. After all, the Super Bowl is pretty much the Super Bowl of advertising.

This is the advertising event of the year so get ready to see some of the best advertising that 2014 will produce, or at least the most expensive. At an average of $4 million (roughly £2.5 million) for 30 seconds, this makes the X Factor's £200,000 slots seem like a frugal investment.

We'll be posting ads as they're released so make sure you keep an eye on our Super Bowl feed (you might want to bookmark it). So far these are the brands to watch:



No doubt there will be a lot of Budweiser advertising. Last year saw two ads for Bud Light, one for Budweiser Black Crown and the beautiful Clydesdale ad for Budweiser. Bud Light ads are being handled by BBDO.



Last years Coke ad was a bit of a disaster but they've produced some pretty awesome work in the past (like the polar bears who reacted live to the game in 2012) so fingers crossed. It's not yet clear which agency will be handling the Coke work this year or what it will look like. All we know is that it will "be all about celebrating 'American society' and Coca-Cola's role within it" (according to Jonathan Mildenhall, VP for global advertising strategy).


Lynx (Axe)

As always, BBH London will be creating something cool for Lynx. Last year they used the Super Bowl to launch their Apollo range with the brilliant "Nothing beats an astronaut" ad.



It hasn't been confirmed whether or not Oreo have bought ad space this year but as they proved last year, it's not exactly necessary. It is widely thought that Oreo stole the show last year with their blackout advert, a reaction to the lights going off in the stadium, and it cost them next to nothing. Keep your eyes peeled for more advertising like this on the 2nd.

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