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One Minute Briefs is your one fix a day creative burst

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16:15 PM | 28 August 2014
by Will Moir
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Want your writing featured?

Nick Entwistle & James Clancy, known to some as Bank of Creativity, are the masterminds behind OneMinuteBriefs (OMB). The idea is simple. One rule. One Minute. Create an ad. And boy do people create some ads. 

Every morning the guys will put out a theme for the adverts, this can be anything from Howard Webb's retirement to advertising blenders. Each advert sent into the page is then retweeted and featured on their website. You get 24 hours to submit your idea and then just have to wait for the retweets and favourites to come in.

The following day brings the voting, you then tweet in which advert you want to win. A winner and 4 runner ups are chosen. Prizes can range from meeting the guys, t-shirts or in some cases the adverts being printed professionally. 

The great thing about OMB is how quick and easy it is to make contacts and bulk up your portfolio. It also gives you that creative shot you need everyday, stops the brain going numb. I must also mention the great sense of community between the followers, or Ombles (an advertising version of Beliebers). These are the regular participators. They have created a group who communicate, give advice and meet up to do events together. 

So if you find that you have a minute to spare each day, which I'm sure you do! Then head on over to @OneMinuteBriefs. Who knows what might come of it.

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