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My advertising journey

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13:15 PM | 1 June 2013

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"From this point onwards, you will breathe advertising, live advertising." 

Those are the exact first words my lecturer said to us advertising students last year in our introductory lecture. Pretty daunting for someone who was just about to start learning what the advertising industry is about. There are so many things to learn about the industry, I didn't know where to start. Luckily, my lecturer must have known that this was how we felt, and assigned us our first assignment – 'Hero of advertising'. This got the ball rolling for me.

Learning about the very basics of advertising, how to craft consumer insight, learning research skills and working to come up with an integrated campaign was pretty much the whole of my first year. At the end of it, I felt like I had not learnt much, so I questioned myself, “Is advertising for me?”

Thank goodness for awesome seniors who told me that they all felt the same after finishing their first year. Well, that was because what we learnt in the first year were the rudimentary bits of knowledge we needed. 

So, come second year, I started reading more advertising books and subscribing to Campaign. Mad Men is such a good TV series to catch a little glimpse of what goes on in an advertising agency. It is pretty interesting tuning into TED once in a while for new eye-opening talks. Doing little things like this make me become more knowledgeable of what advertising is and what is going on in the industry. And this is when I realised, “Yes, advertising is definitely for me”.

Leaving university is always a scary thing for students. We don’t know what will happen. “Will we get a job? Where will we work? Who are we going to work with? What are we going to do later?” So many questions and uncertainty among us. At the end of the day, guidance from those who have had experience working in the industry is always nice. This is why I like attending events like futurerising where I can get the chance to meet and get to know new people and what they do. From this, it can often lead to collaboration and side projects.

It is so easy to be lazy at university, especially when we cannot manage our time well. These side projects, however, can fill up our time and become a great platform for us to learn and grow. Learning is a continuous process and there are so many more things for me to learn in advertising. It is definitely an exciting journey to be a part of.

My full name is Noviana Mona Chandra. I'm currently looking for a placement and would love to work as an intern in an advertising agency as an account executive. Keep in touch @novianamona


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