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Minty blast from the past

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10:20 AM | 10 October 2013
by Jim Compton-hall
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The year is 2004, Iraq was in full swing, Fathers 4 Justice were kicking up a fuss, Christopher Eccleston was announced to play the 9th Doctor Who and a Tsunami was wreaking havoc. Meanwhile I was spending my school days learning the German for "My hamster's big erection had my dog killed" and other colourful phrases.

2004 was also the year that this Wrigley's campaign was launched. So why the hell am I writing about a chewing gum advert from the dark ages before iPlayers, smart phones and YouTube?

By sparking my, some would say unhealthy, obsession with MMMBop, this ad changed my life. But even amazing soundtrack aside, it's still a really great campaign and I think we can learn from it.

Thanks for the memories

This Wrigley's campaign is almost 10 years old and I still remember it. Launched when I was 13,  about 5 years before I even thought about going into advertising.

The power of emotions

Now we get into the true essence of why this was such a great campaign. You've heard of turning a functional benefit into an emotional benefit. Well this is a great example. What's the functional benefit of chewing Wrigley's? It gives you fresh breath. But what does fresh breath mean to your consumer? Why it is important to them? In this case, it helps them get a little closer to other people. It's a shame that today's Wrigley's ads have regressed to selling the functional benefit.

Agency: Bray Leino
Planner: Errol Flanagan

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