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Mila Kunis stars in stunning Jim Beam advertising

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12:24 PM | 7 March 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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Jim Beam have launched a global campaign starring Mila Kunis, best known for her roles in Black Swan and Family Guy. Whilst perhaps not completely typical of the Jim Beam persona, Mila has expressed her love of Bourbon in the past and is bound to appeal to a younger audience.

The ads are written well and shot beautifully. We particularly love 'How will you make history?' (above) for it’s compelling story although “Mila Kunis leaves her mark on history” tells us more about the product. The pair of ads really compliment one another.

Other videos show quirky and funny moments of Mila at the Jim Beam distillery with a longer behind-the-scenes look at her time there.


The campaign was created by FutureWorks, a new entity comprised of three regional Beam creative agencies: StrawberryFrog – New York, The Works – Sydney and Jung von Matt – Hamburg.

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