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Insights into branding

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15:00 PM | 6 March 2015
by Adam Oldfield
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Sam Hollis worked for Sky and now earns his keep by pitching, winning and working with clients at BrandPie. Here he discusses brand and what it means to work in a branding agency.

Featured article By Sam Hollis, Brand Strategist, BrandPie

Imagine your mind as an enormous vault. In this vault are thousands of little drawers bearing the names of people, things, places. If I say ‘Barack Obama’, you could go to that drawer and take out your opinions, feelings and judgments about him that are inside. There might be a few or a lot, but there are some. You probably weren’t actively or consciously aware they were there. But when you needed them, you could consult the drawer and pull them out. Some are based on what you’ve seen on TV, some on what you’ve heard, some on your own thoughts about what he stands for and how he measures up to your view of the world.

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