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How will marketing shape up in 2015?

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12:15 PM | 2 January 2015
by Justice James
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Last year saw the lines between brand and consumer become increasingly blurred, as well as the explosion of digital as a mainstream tool. What kind of trends should we expect to see in 2015?

1. “It’s all about me”

In recent years, brands have been promoting the notion that consumers are more than just a number. As a result, consumers will be expecting this notion of personalisation to be a universal norm amongst brands. This may include consistently responding to their questions and concerns posted on social media, or personalised products or services that address consumers’ individual needs.

Example: Sephora's Winning Formula

2. Cultural Personalisation

Adding to consumers’ needs for personalisation, global brands will not be able to keep using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ marketing approach. These brands should consider using language, images, scenarios, etc. that are relevant to their different audience groups.

Example: Coca Cola's "Share a Coke" Campaign

3. Storytelling

I am a big proponent of storytelling as a marketing tool. I don’t need an advert to tell me how buying this product will make me a better daughter, girlfriend, or woman. I want brands to show that they understand me as a human being by telling stories that I can relate to. KFC, Lynx and other brands have started this trend, and hopefully others will follow suit.

Example: KFC "Pulled Chicken" Advert

4. Digital or Bust

Digital marketing is no longer a marketing option– it’s a necessity. With technology becoming increasingly intrinsic to our daily lives, brands need to adopt digital as a long-term strategy that compliments their other marketing efforts.

Example: Mitsubishi Case Study

5. Focus on Consumer Engagement with Social Media

‘Likes’ don’t tell brands the whole story about the consumer journey. How, when, and where consumers engage with the brand are all important factors in determining whether or not social media is a profitable tool in the marketing mix.

Example: Taco Bell Masters Social Media

What trends do you think will dominate 2015? Leave us a comment!

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