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Eat with Smaller Utensils, Eat Slower, and Get Full Faster

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14:53 PM | 30 January 2012

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There seem to be two types of diets on the market today: simple low calorie/low nutrition diets, or long complicated multistage diets. The new diet plan in vogue is the Cleanse: literally just drinking juice for a week or two. That one definitely falls into the former. These diets are risky and have serious long-term health effects. Diets like the Atkins plan or South Beach Diet fall into the latter. They come with 500+ page manuals to explain their diet.  Every stage and every variable in a diet plan is an opportunity for failure. The simpler and easier a diet plan is to follow, the fewer chances it has to go wrong.

There must be a middle way.

Enter the Miniature Forks and Knives Diet. You eat what you normally eat, just with smaller utensils. This lengthens the eating process, and you will get full with less food. Simple and you don’t starve.

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