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But It's Just A Shape!

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12:21 PM | 13 August 2013

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Remembering that my Dad’s birthday is creeping closer hits me like a slap in the face, surely it has come around even faster this year; to me it is one of the most testing times of the year for my creativity. “Why?” you may ask. Well the only thing my dad ever hints for, expects or wants is one large Toblerone bar. 

It has become so much part of his birthday routine that it is as though it is not his birthday at all without one. Trying to wrap the bar without giving away its identity is almost impossible. No matter how many bows, ribbons or layers of wrapping paper I use, you can always tell it’s a Toblerone. The one year that I gave in and did not wrap it at all did not go down well. 

But the thing is; the shape of the Toblerone and the fact that it is so recognisable is the beauty of the design; it is such a clever element. This is design and why I love it; it is every last tiny detail and perfection. The shape of a product, yet seemingly small and insignificant, can be a very important, creative aspect. The Coca-Cola bottle is one of the most widely recognised objects in the world to date, the name of the designer is still unknown. 

If a consumer can recognise a product by its shape without any packaging, it shows not only loyalty to the product but success on the brands behalf for creating a shape their customers can remember. 

In 2003 Gloria Linaza won ‘Outdoor: Gold Lion’ and ‘Print: Silver Lion’ at Cannes for her campaign about the importance of packaging design. The campaign showed the outline of a Chanel perfume bottle, a Coca Cola bottle, a Pringles tin and a Toblerone bar. 
The campaign proved the importance of a product shape. Without the colour, content, logo or name being shown, the product was still easily recognised. This shows that customers, perhaps without even realising, take note of the shape of products and can easily relate them to the brands that they are connected with. 

Pretty remarkable!

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