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Book review: Graphic Design Visionaries

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12:30 PM | 24 July 2015
by Melisa Dagli
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We take a look at Caroline Roberts new book, Graphic Design Visionaries (Laurence King, 2015), covering design leaders from the 19th century to present day. Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Massimo Vignelli feature alongside other designers you might not have heard before.


Caroline Roberts new book contains a chronological story of 75 influential graphic designers, pictured alongside colourful visuals of their work that has shaped the field. Roberts introduces the book a ‘glimpse into the personalities behind the work, but, as with most creative people, its often impossible to separate the two.’ Starting with Piet Zwart in the 1880’s and ending with M/M Paris.


This book has a good balance of text beside beautiful design examples, sure to introduce you to new designers you may not have heard of before, whilst giving a deeper insight into more recognisable names. Not a taxing read but you still could easy spend a lot of time pouring over it's pages.


A fascinating book for both novices and expert designers. Or anyone really interested in ‘commercial art’, ‘graphic communication’, ‘visual communication’…as Roberts points out even graphic designers themselves appear to be suffering something of an identity crisis.


This book will cost you £24.95 (RRP), which considering it's size and the content is good value. But if you are studying, you can get a whopping 35% off if you sign up and buy it from Laurence King's website.


It's a fantastic source of inspiration and provides a useful timeline of ground breaking design work. With an insightful introduction by Roberts, she raises some interesting issues within the field but we’ll let you read that for yourself.

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