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Book review – Fifty Years of Illustrations

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11:00 AM | 26 November 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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What's it about? 

A large gathering of incredible illustrations from the last fifty years. Lawrence Zeegen and Caroline Roberts' "Fifty Years of Illustration" takes you through various eras of the best illustrators and their work. 

Zeegan and Roberts' book contains five decades (from the 60s to the 00s) of world class illustrators, complete with a sampling of some of their best work alongside a short description of their career. Each decade also comes with a few introductory pages explaining the historical and cultural context the illustrators operated in, offering you a much deeper understanding of their work.

Is it any good? 

It's full of wonderful images, some you'll recognise and many you won't, and so provides a great basis for inspiration. You'll stare across the pages for hours looking at the intricate illustrations and unimaginable styles. 

The background information on each decade also provides a great opportunity to understand what led to these illustrations and is full of interesting stuff presented in such a way that will have you hooked. 

Who's it for? 

Designers, art directors and illustrators are the obvious answer to this question. But anyone in the creative industries will be inspired and amazed at the treasure trove of various visual styles presented.

How much is it going to cost me? 

This is a pricey one. At RRP, "Fifty Years of Illustrations" will set you back £30 (though students can get a big discount if they create an account and buy from the publisher's website). But this really is a whopping big anthology of illustrations. It's a book big enough to put a man in hospital if it fell off the top shelf (tip: probably don't keep this on the top shelf). So if we're being fair, £30 really ain't too bad.

What's the overall verdict? 

"Fifty Years of Illustrations" is maybe a little too expensive for anyone not into illustration or visual awesomeness but for those that are, this book is a must buy. Keep it on your shelf and check back over and over whenever you need some visual inspiration. 

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