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Best websites for creative inspiration

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14:30 PM | 20 March 2015
by Lars Bjornbakk
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When I first started studying advertising, I did not really know where to look for news and inspiration regarding the industry. Being curious about what the trends and standards of the work produced in the industry, both nationally and globally, I started to look for sources of inspiration.

Here are a few sources I regularly go to for information and inspiration; whether it is to prepare for an idea session, research industry trends or just simply for procrastination and entertainment.

First of which in the category of advertising, and probably one of the most globally popular, is AdWeek/AdFreak. Based in the US, expect to see a lot of american work there. They are not only covering advertising, but a lot of different news related to creativity, as well as some popular (often funny) videos that in some sense could relate to the creative industry, if not only internet trends.

But if you are purely looking for advertising work from all over the world, check out Ads of the World. This is a great way of seeing a lot of different ads placed on different media channels. Ads of the World is a part of All Creative World, so if you are looking for more than just advertising, head over there for anything between branding and architecture.

Creative Criminals is much like Ads of the World, feeding you mainly advertising work from all over the world. It is easy and quick access to inspiration and current advertising work being aired.

If you are up for reading about current affairs in British creativity, have a go at Campaign. Here you will get interesting articles, as well as a bit of video content; for when you feel like being a bit passive while admiring creative work. It is a excellent way of keeping informed of what is happening in Her Majesty’s creative industry.

Adding to the sources of British creativity, Creative Review is absolutely worth checking out. Their blog usually dish up interesting content, but most of all I would buy the physical magazine; few things compare to the tangible printed paper (and the smell of a print fresh issue).

Looking a bit broader on creativity, stop by Fast Company for a firm portion of inspiration. They let you navigate their content by Exist, Design, Create and Labs. Fast Company cooks together a creative mix of business and innovation, serving you a tasty dish of inspiration and knowledge.

To speed up the namedropping; if you are looking for visual inspiration, drop by From Up North for some amazing work in everything from 3D and photography, to advertising and typography. Want some more artsy stuff, go to Fubiz. Are you looking for design inspiration mixed with tutorials, stop by Abduzeedo.

Lastly check out 99U for a fair portion of inspiration and motivation. Here you will find a wast variety of topics relevant to creativity, idea creation and inspiration - and personal development to say the least.

There are of course many (many) more sites that is worth regularly dropping by (FutureRising being a obvious one for careers advice and student work), but these are some of the ones I check out. Not every day of course (unless it is sites with lots of video content, such as AdWeek, Ads of the World or Creative Criminals). I tend to look for updates on a few of them every day, circulating; to ensure there has been sufficient updates for me to pick the few articles that I find relevant. And a good tip is to follow them on twitter and Facebook, so you get a reminder now and then.

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