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10:00 AM | 23 July 2014
by Jon Vella
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Starting out in the advertising industry is hard. No matter how many interviews you read on the subject of how people got to where they are today, there is still no solid answer. The only connection they all have is about being different and being noticed.

Falmouth University’s advertising course has created a way to make their presence heard all the way from Cornwall, by creating their own agency. Beans&Beers (the agency name comes from students' two biggest loves), is now making waves with its new way of thinking about being noticed. Not only has it created a platform for students to showcase their work for upcoming exhibitions like New Blood and Cream, it has also become an integral piece of the course structure.

The students were given the brief to advertise the site to agencies and especially creative directors in the hope they would stop by and take a look at the work. This both created advertising for student's individual portfolios as well as generating lots of ideas to get Beans&Beers in front of the people that matter. By using each student’s idea and sending them out it created a massive hit rate to the site. Creative directors have been getting in touch with specific students and the year group as a whole so the website appears to be doing well.

It doesn’t end with just one year group. It's becoming an on-going platform for all Falmouth advertising students. Sort of like a rolling yearbook.

We look forward to keeping up-to-date with what Beans&Beers get up to in the coming years. It's certainly one to keep an eye on.

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