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10:43 AM | 4 March 2013
by Jim Compton-hall
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So yesterday my friend tells me I should put my work on this, The Matboard. My first question was "why's it called The Matboard?". I still have no idea.

Mashable describes The Matboard as "Pinterest For Inspiring Creative Professionals" which is really what convinced me to try it out. I'm not the biggest Pinterest fan because for every one thing on there that I want to see, there's about a million that I don't - it's difficult to search for anything specific. And that's exactly why Austin Phillips created The Matboard. 

I'm not sure I see it becoming a great portfolio site for creatives. It's certainly no Behance. But it really is great for inspiration. You can search by collection (ads, logos, direct marketing, animation, illustration, etc - there are loads) or just hit "Inspire me". One of the suggested uses for the website is to build moodboards for projects you're working on. A nice idea although there doesn't seem to be a way to make your boards private meaning your unfinished projects have to be public.

It's early days for The Matboard. There's barely a sense of community yet (which it will need in order to boost likes/comments/etc) - just a bunch of individual creatives sharing work they love - but perhaps that will come later.

I recommend any creatives out there have a look. There's a couple of kinks to iron out (for some reason you can only sign in with a Facebook or Twitter account) but it's definitely a great place to explore when in need of inspiration.

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