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9 things you should know if you're starting university

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9:15 AM | 22 September 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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Going off to university is going to be a huge change and open you up to lots of new experiences. Before starting, here's a few things that you should know.

1. You must conquer Freshers

You are going to put your body through hell for a week or two. The best possible time to meet and greet your fellow students.

2. Socialising is important

Going out and getting tipsy is not just an activity for Freshers as you will find. In fact, be sure to socialise as much as possible. At uni you'll be thrown into a new area and surrounded by new people so get in the practice of making friends. The personable skills you gain here will help when you get a job and join a company a few years down the line.

3. Opportunities to network

If you're studying a creative course, you'll most likely be around a bunch of useful contacts; tutors, guest speakers, brands and agencies offering briefs. It's likely that many of these people will be able to get you a job when you graduate if you can impress during your time. So make sure you introduce yourself to everyone.

4. No one likes a douche

Seriously, don't be a douche. For one everyone will hate you and you won't have many friends. But if that's no incentive enough not to be a douche, you'll also find it can prevent you from getting a job when you graduate. Your classmates will spread the word that you're not very nice when they get into the industry and your career may be over before it starts.

5. There's a lot of free time

Once you settle in, you'll soon find you have loads of free time. Instead of sleeping until mid-day and lounging around watching Jeremy Kyle, read industry books, practise your craft, send emails out and make contacts. Even if you only spend 10% of you're free time doing productive things like these, you'll come out so much further ahead of most students.

6. New things are everywhere

Hiking? Sure! Surfing? Yeah! Quidditch? Why not?! Try as many things as you can. Where else in the world can you get these great activities all in one place. Go out there and live a little. And believe it or not, this will also help you in your career. The more experiences you've had, the more inspirations and ideas you'll have to draw upon and you'll become a much more creative person.

7. You might lose motivation

Right now you might be getting into the mood for some learning, maybe even doing a little pre-reading. That motivation might well fade. Sometimes that's a good thing. There's never more freedom to say "Screw it! I'm going out" than when you're at uni. But it's important to know how to motivate yourself when you need to. Looking at amazing work is always a good start to make you get off you arse and give something a go yourself.

8. Grades aren't everything

Not in the creative industries. OK, there are some agencies who will insist that only people with a certain grade or higher may apply, but that's really just a way to narrow down the hundreds of applications they're expecting to get. If you're good, you can still apply and you can still get the job. And high grades don't mean you're good. If you want to do well, engage with the course materials, and do as much reading, practising and talking to industry people as you can outside of that. You can start on day one.

9. FutureRising rocks

We'll help you out during your time at university, help you to make the most of your time, offer you advice, resources and contacts and of course, provide inspiring content to keep you motivated. Make sure you're following us on Twitter and check in here every week for a whole host of new stuff.

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