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5 types of job titles in the creative industries

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16:00 PM | 8 August 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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Working in the creative industries you'll come across some pretty cringey job titles. Some will confuse you while others will make you weep for humanity. Here's a selection of the types of job titles that we've come across recently.

1. The stupidly long one

E.g. International Associate Director of Digital Planning Operations 

Use: For people who like to feel really important.

In a sentence: I'm the International Associate Director of Digital Planning Operations. I'm basically in charge of everything. 

2. The vague one

E.g. Office Admin

Use: For people who have so many little jobs instead of one big one that they had to use a very broad term.

In a sentence: As Office Admin, I help clients, work with creatives, attend meetings, solve problems, work with accounts, fix computers, stare out of the window and work with strategists.

3. The combo one

E.g. Co-Founder, Creative Director and Board Member

Use: Usually reserved for people trying to prove a point.

In a sentence: I have to have Co-Founder, Creative Director and Board Member in my job title otherwise people won't know how hard I work.

4. The "fun" one

E.g. Badass Marketing Ninja

Use: Generally used by people with very boring jobs but who don't want other people to know that.

In a sentence: "What do you do? Oh you're a vet. That sucks. I'm a badass marketing ninja. I'm awesome."

5. The guru one

E.g. Social Media Guru

Use: For people who think guru is a good job title.

In a sentence: Whenever I hear the word "guru" in a job title, I replace it with "moron".

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