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5 things you should see this week

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17:15 PM | 26 October 2014
by Jim Compton-hall
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Want your writing featured?

Here is FutureRising's best stuff from the past week. We've put together this handy round-up so you don't miss out on our most popular content as well as giving you something to share.

1. Interview

Hanna Stenwall and Joyce Kremer, creative team

Creative team Stenwall & Kremer chat to us about their experiences and inspirations in creative advertising.

2. Student work

What if books had epic movie-like trailers?

Students from New York's Miami Ad School explore the idea of promoting books the way films are marketed.

3. Self-promotion

Simplicity and style: A lovely graphic design CV and portfolio

This self-promotion piece from Jatidiri Ono is a great example of a good graphic design CV and portfolio.

4. Answer

Where do you find inspiration?

Starcom's Owen Lee lists the best places to find inspiration and why it's important to keep a broad range of interests and hobbies.

5. From around the web

100 years of design

A wonderful website from AIGA that celebrates design. You can read contributions from various designers on how design influences, connects, informs, assists and delights them. And you can add your own.

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