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Introduction to MediaMath

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18:15 PM | 7 October 2015
by Philippa Smithers
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MediaMath are a global leader in online marketing technology, and have recently become a FutureRising member. We've brought together a brief overview of what they do and some of the great job opportunities they have to offer.

The beginnings of MediaMath

Joe Zawadzki founded MediaMath in 2007 after realising the need to reshape the online advertising market landscape. His idea was to blend technology, data, analytics, and marketing best practices, into a single media platform. This idea turned into a reality, and MediaMath became a pioneer by releasing the first demand side platform (DSP). They also have their own operating system, TerminalOne, which lets marketers make sense of their audience data.

What MediaMath do

From the team, Daniel Bougourd (VP, OPEN Marketplace Development) shares what MediaMath does in the video above. But in a nutshell, MediaMath are a technology company that want to transform online marketing.

They have offices all over the globe including London, New York, and Tokyo. Their clients include eBay, Ogilvy, The Guardian - and that’s just scratching the surface!

Examples of MediaMath’s work

eBay wanted to increase their revenue. After MediaMath’s help, eBay transitioned from a managed, to a self-service platform that the team could use in-house. Explore the full case study.

Similarly, american advertising agency, West Carry Group were frustrated with having to work with other agencies to manage their media buying. After testing MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing System, they decided to go ahead with using it, and now find themselves on the same level as some of the largest agencies in the country. Explore the full case study.

Jobs available at MediaMath

For students and graduates MediaMath have plenty of opportunities. Available are 12 week internships across account management and marketing departments.

Plus they offer 6 months training in their Marketing Engineer Program (New Marketing Institute). Here you have the opportunity to work on all layers of development and get to work designing and building prototypes for future platforms MediaMath release.

So if you’re interested in a technology or business driven career MediaMath have plenty of entry points.

Here are some MediaMath perks

As if MediaMath doesn’t sound great already, they offer some handsome rewards. Clumsy? Doesn’t matter - they provide comprehensive health insurance. Like to party? So do they, with monthly team outings and events. Picky about your tech? That’s cool, because they let you choose your own laptop. And finally, you’ll never have knots in your back again, they have free on-site chair massages.

How to land a job at MediaMath

We have a great relationship with MediaMath, so send over your CV’s to us and we can put in a good word. Be sure to create or update your current profile before getting in touch.

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