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Will Jones, Copywriter

5 min, 26 sec read
12:00 PM | 20 June 2014
by Adam Oldfield
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We spoke to Will Jones a recent creative advertising grad from University of West London (UWL) who's looking to take his first steps into the creative industry. Having just formed a formed a new team with Callum Killarney, who's affectionately known as Kitson for a striking resemblance to the Reading Hitman. Will does the copy whilst Callum does the Art Direction. The team is currently on the look out for new experiences so do get in touch with Will via @iamwilljones and

What drove you to take up a course in advertising?

I’d always been interested in advertising but it wasn’t until my second year media studies that it really grabbed me. Unlike a lot of my mates it wasn't the art and graphics that appealed to me, it was textual analysis behind them. The thinking was what really interested me. A real driving force behind my decision was a lecturer called Steve Martell who helped me understand the options outside the ‘academic’ degrees I was ‘supposed’ to be looking at. I discovered creative advertising was something I really enjoyed putting together and taking apart. It was inevitable from here these interests developed into my current passion for creative, so cheers Steve you got me on the right path. Another was one was actually wrestling, see the spare time for that one.

What's the best thing about advertising?

First is simple, it's fun. It’s being about able to create something people enjoy engaging with or are entertained by. The second is that I’m always learning about something, either putting together and or viewing campaigns.

Which agency would you love to work for and why?

I'd love to work for Wieden & Kennedy. Their Nike Football work from the early noughties out of Amsterdam really got me interested in advertising. While I was considering a future in the creative industry it was Old Spice out of Portland that swung it up for me. I’m a massive fan of the fun and quirky narratives that were the first to really tune into social media and made you want to engage with them. They create the kind of character in their work that Kitson and I want to bring to the table.

What's your dream role and why?

The dream role would to become a Creative Director and be able to stamp my creative identity and character into campaigns. Fairly standard I know but it is equally important to me how I achieve this long term ambition and for me that's the difference. So as of right now it would be to establish myself in a senior creative team and gain the recognition that justifies the dream role as a creative director.

Is there anything you know now that you wish you'd known earlier?

Simply, that there is no need to conform to what is expected.

What's the biggest challenge you've faced so far?

It's got be a split decision. Getting a toe into the industry and then forcing a foot in too has to be the professional one but it varies personally. Getting to grips with right-sided focal dysplasia, epilepsy in normal speak, was a huge set back in my teens. But it's come out to be a massive positive because I've found that creative and not history is the path for me.

Where do you find inspiration?

There’s no one way to plot it so be ready for it to pop up where you least expect it. I’ll often start with will be whatever I’m listening to at the time. Having a questionably eclectic taste helps spread the net for concepts. Having a stroll and taking in the potential of an environment around me, this often helps me visualise a concept or work out what sort of media could work where. Turning the world around me into a jigsaw, sort of. The other one is a secret otherwise everyone would use it.

If you could share a desk with anyone, who would it be?

The years ’98, ’07 and ’14 are especially important dates to me and to be sharing a desk with Glenn Cole and John Boiler in anyone one of these would be a dream. Firstly it was Nike Football’s France ’98 ‘Airport’ TV Spot that got a football mad seven year old hooked into creative advertising.

Then Nike Footballs 2007 ‘The Next Level’ that helped me really decide my future was as a creative and drove me take a degree in Creative Advertising. Most recently John Boiler cracked the cure for the common Apple fan boy with Samsung ‘Pencil’. It’s unlikely I’ll make it out to 72andSunny at the moment so I’m happy to share a desk with my less attractive creative partner Kitson.

In your spare time, what do you get up to?

The bit to list all my marvellous extra curricular activities. At uni I was the social sec of football and my creative partner was the vice of rugby, self-explanatory really. I’m a big fan of the big screen, especially stuff like Anchorman, (The first one that is).

I’m a shameless wrestling fan and bit of a historian of the turn of the millennium. I like the psychology of it and the crowd engagement, it was actually the pre-match promos that contributed to an interest in advertising so I guess that’s something I can bring to the table.

I’m also a big fan of Batman the animated series of the early nineties, the art direction is sensational, well worth a watch even as a grown up. The embarrassing bit out of the way I’m also very interested in new technology but increasingly skeptical Apple enthusiast. Living with the boys also means as average as I am FIFA is always on the cards.

Sell yourself. Why should someone hire you?

I bring bigger ideas that grow. My work is all about engagement because if people are engaging or enjoying then you’re going nowhere. Hire me to think outside pretty pictures and strap lines. I plant ideas that grow art and copy through a variety of medias. The idea comes first and then the application. So the idea doesn’t fit a particular media but medias latches to the idea. Kitson and myself tend to be quite all round good guys and I’m not bad at the odd cup of tea. We’re always looking for briefs and projects so give us a shout and see for yourself.

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