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The team behind The Matboard

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11:43 AM | 14 March 2013
by Jim Compton-hall
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Following our post about The Matboard, a new online tool for creatives to explore, share and inspire, we caught up with the team behind the website.

Tell us a little about The Matboard team members.

Austin Phillips is the co-founder,  a designer currently working for Mitchell Communications Group, part of the Dentsu Network. He considers himself a creative problem solver by nature with a love for understanding how people interact with technology and using those insights to build solutions. He spearheads the design, user experience, and strategic direction for The Matboard.

Natalia Phillips is the other co-founder, a bilingual marketer who is passionate about networking and connecting people with inspiring ideas. She is currently a Strategic Insights Analyst for Mars Chocolate Inc and she is instrumental in our team. She is always on the quest for how things can improve for the users. She is behind all marketing, social media, PR, and strategy for The Matboard.

Jordan Carmon, whom we call the "architect", is the programming genius behind the inner workings of The Matboard. Jordan is always creating. He has nearly 10 years of experience in web development, including spending 3 years with Walmart Stores, Inc. as a Senior Programmer Analyst. When he's not tinkering with the inner workings of The Matboard, Jordan tours the nation with the rock band Lot44.

Why did you create The Matboard?

The Matboard was born out of a frustration that began in college as Austin studied graphic design. Austin would constantly run across images that he wanted to save to look at later. In those days that turned into a large number of bookmark folders in his browser filled with URLs to hundreds of blogs and websites. However, weeks later when he wanted to reference that bookmarked image, it was extremely difficult to know which bookmark was the correct one. Thats where the idea to create a site which allowed users to bookmark and organize images came from.

What's the coolest thing about The Matboard?

For the first time, creatives have a creative focused social network for their profession where they can share their talented work with others, explore through various collections and bookmark the work that inspires them from all over the web.

One of the other cool things about The Matboard is that a user base of creatives fosters a community of innovation. This will not only enable, but force creativity and innovation from The Matboard team. In a simple way- our own users will inspire the team to continually innovate, create and explore new and better features for the site.

What does the future look like for The Matboard?

The Matboard team is continually working around the clock to bring new features to our ever-growing user base. We have multiple features in the works that our team is really excited to share with our users in the near future.

What inspires you?

The Matboard team gets inspired by the following:

  • Seeing great ideas come to life
  • Great typography
  • A perfectly lit photograph
  • Unexpected ideas

Have you got any advice for the young creatives out there?

Austin's advice: "Always continue creating. Have a project to work on that is your own – one which you have full creative license to experiment and attempt the things you wouldn't normally try. You may not get it right the first time, but thats when you learn and become better for it."

Natalia's advice: "Find something you love and are passionate about and run with it. Surround yourself with people that will bring both encouraging and constructive feedback to everything you set yourself to do. Set goals even if they are small and be passionate about accomplishing them. Never stop creating..perseverance is key."

Jordan's advice: "Keep creating, working hard, and don't get discouraged. It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling inferior when comparing your work with people you admire. It doesn't matter if it's graphic design, programming, or song writing, keep creating until you have something that you can be proud of. It may take years to develop the skills necessary to get you to where you want to be. Just keep at it."

And lastly, why is it called "The Matboard"?

Matboard is the type of board creatives traditionally have used to mount their work for presentation. The Matboard aims to be the digital evolution of this traditional format for presenting and sharing creative work and ideas.

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