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IKEA Hållbar

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14:15 PM | 5 August 2016
by Finn O'Neill
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The product proposed by students from Berghs School of Communication integrates Innoscentia technology, which provides a smart food sensor, with an IKEA food container. In order to encourage less food waste, the sensor detects bacteria in the food to indicate what food should be eaten soonest.

The execution begins by declaring that the average Swedish person throws away 28 kg of food each year which equates to €650. The product proposed in the spot integrates technology which detects bacterial production in food with IKEA food containers. By encouraging people to use these containers, called the IKEA Hållbar, the students believe that food waste can be significantly decreased.

The sensor in the container is connected to an indicator which changes colour depending on how much bacterial production has occurred, thus showing consumers how urgent it is to eat. The sensor is also connected to an app which allows users to track their food in real-time. The spot won a Future Lion in 2016 and perfectly captured the year’s theme which was ‘Start Something’ as it showed innovation geared towards creating something useful.

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