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How to talk to your dismissive boss

3 min, 11 sec read
12:45 PM | 19 June 2017
by Tijen Butler
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Working under a dismissive boss can be stressful, but we have the tips to improve your situation.

Some people are unlucky enough to have to work for a rude, dismissive or obnoxious boss. It can be difficult to just hold your tongue so if you end up in this situation, how do you handle it?

Many people quit their jobs as a result of disliking their bosses, but if that’s the only negative aspect of your job, do not give up. It can be a tough situation but you must keep in mind your ultimate career goals, and you shouldn’t let impulsiveness or irritation influence such a large decision.

If you follow these tips the next time you’re trying to get in good with the higher ups, you’ll be fine.

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