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How to prepare for a telephone interview

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9:30 AM | 24 January 2017
by Arthur Gueidan
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Don't know how to use a phone interview to your advantage? Here are several steps you can take to mastering a phone interview and making that all important impression to secure a follow-up.


Try to make sure you have no distractions whilst having the conversation. Sitting at a desk always feel more structured than sitting on your bed, surrounded by your stuffed animals when you are trying to bag yourself your first ‘grown-up’ job.


Treat this call as importantly as you would a real interview - which means dressing appropriately. No one would take you seriously if you wore your pyjamas into an office interview, so why would you wear them for this? Getting into office-appropriate wear, makes you take yourself more seriously and forces you to act the way you would in a real interview.


Just as you would have done for a real interview make sure you have explored their website and thoroughly researched the company. Always have questions to ask or you will appear disinterested and unprepared.


It’s no good watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones and pausing it halfway to answer the phone. The interview needs your undivided attention, not your mind wondering about who will survive the episode and trying to end the call as soon as possible.

5-10 minutes before the interview turn off your laptop/TV/music/distraction and get into the zone. In the same way, don’t have any other devices, such as laptop or iPads, near you to browse when you are on the phone. Make sure your housemates know about your interview and don’t come barging in.


Your interviewer cannot see you so use this to your advantage. One of the nice things about a phone interview is that you can have your “cheat sheet”, with company strategy and figures in front of you to sound impressive and like you really know your stuff. Write your questions down - try to have a few that can’t be answered from looking at their website.

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