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How to make a video CV

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15:30 PM | 5 May 2016
by Gergana Tacheva
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Do you feel passionate about creative industries such as Advertising, Marketing and PR? Are you one of those creative people full of bright and colourful ideas? Maybe you should use that creativity to present the skills and experience you have gained to stand out of the crowd when applying for jobs.

Researchers, claim that people who design a 60 seconds video are more likely to get a job position. Moreover, video CV’s are becoming extremely popular in the competitive job market. The video itself allows you to show your personality and creativity.

What makes a successful video CV?


The video ideally should be between 1 and 3 minutes long. So, keep it short, simple and engaging!

Introduce yourself

Say why you should be hired. The content of your video is very important, so make sure you have planned what you are going to say and how you are going to present it. Make a list with all of your strengths, relevant working experience, education and skills related to the job and business you are applying for. This is also your chance to show your personality, so you can also include your interests and hobbies. Remember that this is your opportunity to show what makes you different!

Avoid reading script

Reading your script, would not be the best idea, because you won’t be able to engage the viewer. Try to speak clearly, have the appropriate body language and eye contact. Remember, that what makes the video CV different from the standard CV is the fact that you can show all of your creativity and passion about the industry you are aiming to work for.

Furthermore, feel free to use all of your technical skills in to deliver an interesting video. In other words, try using After Effects or Cinema 4D to add animations. You can also add photos and text while you are editing. However, ask someone to proof read before you upload it.

Research the business

Familiarise yourself with the businesses that you are aiming to send your job application to. In addition, select a suitable outfit, depending on their working environment (smart/casual). Moreover, try to personalise your video by addressing the as company you would like to work.

Technical considerations

Avoid filming in a dark environment and also think in advance about the background noise. The focus of your camera is also very important, you don’t want the background to the star. It’s a good idea to run a few tests before filming the final video.

The recording equipment could be your phone camera, a Go Pro or a DLSR. However, try to get great sound so that might mean recording it separately. And if you can borrow professional equipment from your university it will help you find a professional touch.

Include your contact details

Don’t forget to add your contact details at the end of the video. People usually include their email, Twitter, LinkedIn or personal website/blog. Upload your final piece to YouTube, Vine or Vimeo and be sure to share it everywhere you can to help it get as many views possible.

Great Video CV examples

Here are a few creative video CV examples to give you some inspiration.

'The Interview Thingy' by Ola

'Best Video CV Ever' by Mark Leruste

Cristina Castro

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