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Grey London Job Application - do not be boring

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16:15 PM | 12 November 2015
by Tom Withers Green
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Having recently thrown myself into the 'Grey Blueprint' application, I found myself actually enjoying the process. To be honest, it would be a red flag if I didn’t enjoy the creative process whilst doing the application, because I would be embarking on the wrong career if it didn’t excite me at all. So I tried to impress Grey London with creative answers. One of which revolved around carrot cake.

The way I see it, you’re trying to advertise yourself, so I believe the way to entice the recruitment department is to treat them like a demographic you’re trying to sell to. You want them to buy into you. I implemented some classic advertising techniques with added quirkiness to impress; humour and charm the recruiter's.

The questions posed gave licence for creativity.

Let’s call this a first date. What’s to love about you?

This is a booby trap! I tried not to come across as arrogant as that was the potential pitfall. I believe the aim of this question was to see if I could be charming, sell myself whilst maintaining modest. Who is going to want to employ an arrogant plonker.

What makes you hungry for a career in AdLand?

Obviously this is a chance to illustrate why advertising and why you would make a great match. But that doesn’t mean you have to conform to Boreland. I avoided using adjectives such as passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated. How many times do you think they have read that same spelling? Throw a spanner in the works. I wrote about how once upon a time I thought I was destined for the army and how wrong I was.

Name a campaign. Tell us why it’s great? Or not…

John Lewis…NO! Yes they are great adverts and people who don’t like them are delusional. But that answer would be more boring than being an audit. Think of an advert that has really spoken to you, this could be because of its visual aesthetics or it's message. I chose AirBnB the mankind campaign.

We thrive on new thinking. What would you teach us?

This is screaming for you to impress them with your creativity. I got onto carrot cake. Enough said.

The difficulty was the 200 word limit per question which makes it quite difficult to show character as there is not much room to play with.

My girlfriend is also doing job applications - she, however, is throwing herself into the rat race. Consultancy, accountancy and auditing grad schemes. The applications are as boring as the job titles. The companies she wants to work for perhaps aren’t looking for outlandish characters. They are probably looking for the types of people that put their heads down, shut up and never get too drunk at the christmas party. In fairness to my girlfriend she can be loud, she is OPINIONATED! and I have held her hair back as she vomits after one too many, more times than she would care for me to publish on the world wide web - sorry.

The fact is Grey London will have had a hell of a lot of applications. So for any future applications, be fun, be funny and be annoying. Just don’t be dull as dishwater. If you are dull, perhaps you should be an aspiring accountant not an aspiring adman/woman.

I hope my advice of being creative would be helpful. Try to sell your personality rather than illustrating the fact that you know how to toe the line to recruiters. This could be validated with an interview offer. I find that out at the end of the week.

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