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Five quick job application tips to remember

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8:30 AM | 17 January 2017
by Finn O'Neill
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When applying for an apprenticeship or job there are five key things I think are important to look at which are beneficial to you and the job/apprenticeship you are applying for.

These aspects are very important as you could apply for the job and not know anything about it, or later on be bored of said job. There are many negative consequences if you do not look at these five aspects. When applying for jobs don't look for a big wage, look for something that will put a smile on your face.

Here are the five most important aspects to consider when applying for a job:

1. Does it suit you?

Firstly, something which many of you don't always consider is whether the job suits you! You don’t want to be in a position where you want to leave your workplace after a matter of days because you're bored. To avoid this, before sending that application look at the company you are applying for, look at the skills they require and see if they suit yours. Be honest with yourself don’t just look at the wage and assume this will be the best for you, know your skills.

"Don’t just look at the wage and assume this will be the best."

2. Is it close?

Secondly, think about the distance. It’s a lot more cost-effective and practical if you don’t have to travel a long distance to get to work. Living relatively close to your work means you won't face punctuality or attendance problems, and you'll be more relaxed on your shorter morning commute. You won’t have to waste money on travel costs and your carbon footprint will be that little bit smaller if you walk to work rather than drive or catch public transport.

"You'll be more relaxed on your shorter morning commute."

3. Tidy up that timeline

Third, is your social media. Companies often Google search a candidate before hiring, so a dodgy social media profile could be your downfall. I would advise job hunters to clean up their social media, as you don't want that profile picture on Facebook or that controversial Tweet to prevent you from getting a job. Remember that once it is out there, it's hard to remove it, so be wise on social media. You could also prevent this by setting your account to private or just coming off social media completely.

"Companies often Google search a candidate before hiring"

4. Is it worth applying?

Fourth, think about the company - do you have a potential future with them? Would this job benefit you? It wouldn’t hurt to dig a little deeper by looking at the company's growth and financial stability; this will help you devise a long-term career plan and consider your potential future development in the company. 

"Devise a long-term career plan and consider your potential future."

5. Listen to your gut

Last but not least, listen to your gut. Do you ever have that feeling when you know something is not right and you pick up a funny feeling in your gut? When applying for a job and you get that feeling, listen to it, it could be telling you something.

"Listen to your gut."

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